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Terms and Conditions


  • Bookings for the next course take place 2 weeks before current term finishes.
  • Renewals will be sent via email. Please do contact KOI SWIM SCHOOL asap if you are experiencing any difficulties with getting our emails.
  • All payments must be done up front for a term.
  • To secure a place payment must be made within 5 days from receiving enrolment/renewal email. From June 2023, payments will be made via Direct Debit.
    Direct Debit needs to be initially set up by a parent, after that payments are automatically taken on the fifth day after the renewal email with new term details is sent. Direct Debit can be cancelled at any time.
    Please note KOI SWIM SCHOOL will hold your place until 5th day of the bookings. If payment is not received on time your place will be offered to someone from our waiting list or advertised to new swimmers.
  • KOI SWIM SCHOOL accepts only Direct Debit as payment method.

- Should you wish to cancel your booking please note that we can only provide a refund if you cancel up to 5 days before the start of your course. This counts from the start date of the term or the first class’s date if joining mid-term. Please note that the term's start date may vary to your child's first lesson's date. Please note you will be charged £30 cancellation fee.
- Unattended course or classes will not be refunded under any circumstances, including medical reasons.
- We are unable to accommodate requests to reduce term fees on the basis of planned absences during the term. 
- In case of class cancellation due to pool closure or other events beyond KOI SWIM SCHOOL control, a make-up class will be offered or, if that is impossible to arrange, refund or credit for next term provided.
- Booked and confirmed Tester Class is eligible for either a refund or a reschedule only if cancelled up to 24 hours before the class time.

- Make-up class is a service subject to availability in another suitable class. For this reason, KOI SWIM SCHOOL do not guarantee catch up sessions.
- Make-up classes can only be arranged within the term in which the absence occurred. They cannot roll over to the next term.
- Children who miss their classes due to illness or injury will be prioritised for make-up classes arrangements.
- In case of a planned absence, we need to be notified at least 48 hours before the class for it to be eligible for a make-up session. This does not include emergency situations.
- If you are offered a make-up class, please confirm either way as soon as possible. If we don't receive any response from you within the next 24 hours, please note that the space will be offered to another child waiting for a make-up class.
- If your class has been cancelled due to reasons outside our control, the first offered make-up class afterwards will count as a make-up for the cancelled class; these make-up sessions will be prioritised.
- Arranged and confirmed make-up session for class cancellation due to pool closure cannot be re-scheduled or transferred over to the next course.
- An arranged and confirmed make-up class cannot be rescheduled and counts as completed even if unattended.

- Parking is free of charge.
- No running and no food is allowed at the poolside. Special request: please do NOT bring raisons/rice cakes into changing rooms and pool area. In contact with water, they can get terribly sticky and it’s hard to remove them from the floor.
- Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. KOI SWIM SCHOOL doesn’t take any responsibility for unsupervised children while you wait for the class or after the class finishes.
- Please leave your buggy outside changing rooms. Please keep all personal belongings with you. KOI SWIM SCHOOL doesn’t take any responsibility for the loss and damage of any personal belongings.
- Do not change your child on raised surfaces.

- No outdoor footwear allowed at the poolside.
- Please keep noises to minimum while waiting for the class. It does distract both swimmers and teachers.
- Parents/Carers are fully responsible for providing safe supervision at all times to children attending KOI SWIM SCHOOL classes. This includes: changing rooms, poolside, pool premises and all areas outside.

- Please shower before entering the pool. The best way to reduce the risk of bringing in nasty germs (such as cryptosporidium) is by having everyone showered before entering the pool. It reduces the load that the chlorine has to react to. Chlorine can be more efficient when it doesn't have as much to break down.
- Before entering the pool please make sure your child did go to the toilet.
- To start your class on time make sure your child is fully ready to get in the water (tie the hair up, goggles on) 
- Carers must be present at the poolside during the class at all times or nominate another adult if otherwise. KOI SWIM SCHOOL teacher must be advised of any changes. It is Carers' responsibility for placing their children into KOI’s teacher care at the start of each class and collecting them at the end of the lesson.
- Swimming may take place during class only, under the supervision of an instructor. Free swim in the empty areas of the pool is NOT ALLOWED. KOI SWIM SCHOOL would highly appreciate if everyone respect that policy at all times.
- If your child is NOT potty trained, she/he must wear a ‘Happy Nappy’ over their ‘Huggies Little Swimmer’. KOI SWIM SCHOOL highly recommend specifically those nappies as they are purely the best available protection on the market. Any leaks from a nappy might cause pool closure for at least few hours. Please note you won’t be allowed to enter the class without requested protection.
- Please inform your instructor before starting the class if you or your child have any medical condition
- If you require any special assistance during the class always feel free to ask your instructor.

DAY and TIME of your class
- In the event of class become too small to run KOI SWIM SCHOOL reserves the right to amalgamate your class with another at most convenient day and time for all participants; offer different class individually to each swimmer; or with regret cancel the class.

- Please do not turn up for the class if either, you or your child is suffering from the following:
- any contagious disease
- fever, flu, runny noses, sore throats and open wounds, ear infection, skin infection
- a diarrhoea or vomiting illness; please allow 48 hours before returning to your class

KOI SWIM SCHOOL reserves the right to refuse entry into the pool for any health reason

- KOI SWIM SCHOOL takes Child Protection very seriously and therefore you understand that at no point during your session will photography and filming be allowed

- Please be aware that our current T&C might change from time to time. You will be always notified by e-mail of any changes being made. You have right not to accept them by writing to us within 7 days from receiving an update.


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