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Terms and Conditions

The River Bourne Club Swimming Lessons Terms and Conditions

This page details important notes that relate to the swimming lessons that we offer at The River Bourne Club. Please read these before starting your course.


All lessons are payable in advance directly to the club either online/over the phone or in person at reception. The course may be purchased for the full duration of the term or for the lessons remaining in the term being applied for, individual lessons cannot be booked.

Bookings are not confirmed until full payment has been received. Payments must be made 2 weeks prior to the new term or course starting. If payment is not received by this time, then we will deem that you have relinquished your space and it will be offered to our waiting list.


A Doctors note must be provided for a serious illness or operation. Only on submission of this note will we consider a credit or replacement lesson.


The River Bourne Club reserves the right to increase fees. Fees will be advertised in advance of any new course.


The parent or guardian must remain on site for the duration of the lesson.


You must inform us of any changes in address, contact details, student health or condition and if there is a change of guardian/carer.


You have the right to cancel your booking up to 14 days prior to the commencement of your course starting. Any refunds will be subject to a 10% admin fee.

Courses cannot be cancelled once the term has started unless for medical reasons provided in writing giving no less than 7 days notice. Any cancellation will be for the remainder of the term.

A minimum of 7 days notice is required to cancel any intensive course booking.


We are unable to replace any classes missed within a term or intensive course booking.

If you do not attend a lesson, you will be fully charged. We do not accept cancellations or issues refunds, credits or make-up lessons.

Where the pool or instructor is unavailable for your lesson you will be notified as soon as possible before your lesson. A replacement lesson will be offered, or a credit applied for the following term.

If The River Bourne Club must cancel a lesson or a series of lessons due to but not limited to acts of God, pandemics/epidemics or actions of government, credit for any cancellations that occur will be applied to your account. These credits will be available for use for any term or intensive course for 12 months after the cancellation occurs.


Once you accept and pay for your booking any changes cannot be guaranteed and will be subject to availability and a £10 admin fee will be charged. If we are unable to facilitate your change request, then your original booking will stand.


Authorised refunds are subject to a 10% admin fee and will take up to 4 weeks to process.


You/your child will not necessarily pass a class in one term and will sometimes be in a class for several terms to perfect the competencies, swimming strokes required and to master all relevant skills.

Parents should be aware that physical contact between the teacher and pupils may be necessary whilst teaching swimming lessons. By signing up to the The River Bourne Club lesson programme we deem you as having issued your consent.

The River Bourne Club has the right to replace teachers at any given time. Should this occur, refunds will not be offered. The River Bourne Club has the right to make reasonable changes to the programme and lessons. This includes lesson timings, levels, teachers, class sizes and location within the pool. The lesson begins once the teacher accepts charge of the pupils. Parents/carers are asked not to leave pupils unattended on poolside prior to their lesson starting.

Please be ready to collect the child or children, that you are responsible for, prior to the end of the lesson on the poolside. If you wish to discuss your child’s progress, please contact the Swimming Programme Manager who will request a report from the teacher.

The parent/carer may remain on poolside for the duration of the lesson in the designated seating areas. It is requested that the parent/carer does not distract the child during the lesson. Should the parent/carer not wish to remain on poolside they must remain on the premises and advise the teacher of their whereabouts within the building.

The teacher withholds the right to discipline and correct behaviour using appropriate means. This can include asking the child to sit out of the lesson for a few minutes or the remainder of the lesson. The teacher will fully explain the reasons for their course of action at the end of the lesson or inform the Swimming Programme Manager who will communicate on behalf of the teacher.

If your child requires special attention regarding their behaviour, then please advise the Swimming Programme Manager at the time of booking and the Swimming Teacher prior to commencement of the first lesson. Parents/carers must not use electronic devices on poolside. Employees may use electronic equipment for the purpose of delivering the swimming lessons.


The River Bourne Club takes the safety of children and vulnerable adults very seriously, and follows the guidance provided by the ASA. All our staff that have direct contact with, or access to children and vulnerable adults have a DBS check. The River Bourne Club follows the guidelines set out in Swim England’s “Wave Power” child safeguarding policy a copy can be found on the swim England website


If you require any information about your swimming lessons, then all communication should be sent to the Swimming Programme Manager or call 01932 560 560.

All complaints are dealt with by the Swimming Programme Manager at The River Bourne Club. Swimming teachers are unable to deal with any complaints on poolside. In the event you feel the need to complain about our services, please can you put your complaint in writing to All complaints will be investigated thoroughly, and we will endeavour to resolve your complaint within 14 working days of receipt.


The River Bourne Club will not use or make available any personal information that we hold to any third party not directly responsible for, or connected with the services we are offering. We will not use your personal information except to send you related service and marketing communications relating to The River Bourne Club, The River Bourne Club or our parent company. The Health Club Collection. You may request to remove your data from our systems at any time by writing to us at

The River Bourne Club has the right to change these terms and conditions without giving notice, but we will use our reasonable endeavours to inform you as soon as is reasonably possible.

Your payment indicates that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions, which includes how your data will be processed.

Should you pay for your booking over the phone, online or at reception, it is your responsibility to have fully read and understood these terms and conditions you have 14 days to cancel this agreement. All bookings past this date are fully subject to the terms outlined in this document.

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