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Terms and Conditions


Thank you for booking with Little Nessies. The Terms and Conditions apply to all group classes, private lessons and intensive courses booked with us. If there are specific terms relating to some class types only, this will be highlighted below.  

Holidays and Term Dates 

All term dates and scheduled holidays will be advised at the booking stage, at the beginning of every term and are venue and day specific. 

Instructors and Timetable  

Little Nessies will aim to conduct class using the same instructor on a weekly basis. Please note that due to staff training, illness or holiday cover the instructors may change on occasion. Little Nessies has no requirement to inform customers in advance of this change. 

Little Nessies reserve the right to change or withdraw classes from the timetable as per our business and staffing requirements.   

Payment Collection 

Our preferred payment method is by Direct Debit through our partner company Go Cardless. Details of the DD payment system will be sent at booking.  Alternative payment options, such as Paypal or bank transfer incur a £10 admin fee and can be arranged with the office by emailing 

Refer-a-friend discount 

As a thank you for introducing your friends to Little Nessies, we offer a £10 discount off your next term. To qualify, your friend must start their term and have made payment before your next term start date. The £10 discount will automatically be taken off your renewal fee. Referred friend must be a new Little Nessies customer. Only 1 friend referral and discount can be applied per term. 


Little Nessies automatically re-enroll all Nessies at the end of the current block.  Re-booking can be cancelled by emailing  An invoice will be issued with new term dates and class time with a payment collection date for term fees. It is your responsibility to let us know if you are looking to discontinue lessons before payment is collected and the refund policy detailed above will apply.  

As your child progresses, or if any circumstances change surrounding the venue or instructors, we may change the class time when renewing. We will inform you of all changes to class times prior to the new term start date. 

Refunds and Cancellations 

Once the term has started no refunds can be given for the payment of term. If you miss a class for any reason, we do not offer any credits or refunds.  Refunds will only be granted at the discretion of Little Nessies in exceptional circumstances and must be discussed with the office. An admin fee of £10 will apply. 

In the unfortunate instance where a class has been cancelled by Little Nessies, we will credit the class towards your next term.  

Late Payment Fee  

In the instance of any late payments, an additional late fee of £10 will be applied.  Late payments are deemed as any payments collected after the payment due date.   

Direct Debit Failure 

If your DD payment fails, we will attempt to retry collection through our Go Cardless system. Should it fail for a second time, a £10 admin fee will be added. 

Private Lessons  - Additional Terms & Conditions: 

For private lessons booked at St Roch’s High and St Paul’s High: 

The venues broadly operate in line with school terms. Private lessons must be booked and paid for each week of Little Nessies term dates. No holiday weeks are granted at these venues.  

For private lessons booked at Fauldhouse, Inveralmond CHS, Popinjay Hotel and New Lanark Hotel: 

Classes at these venues operate throughout the year, with a short break over Christmas. As such, we allow 2 classes per 6-month period (January to June, July to December) to be booked as holidays with no charge. You must provide notices of the holidays at the start of the term booking. Once the dates for the term have been confirmed, no refund will be given if you subsequently cannot attend class that you confirmed. 

For all private lessons, once the term has started no refunds will be given for the payment of term. If you miss a class for any reason, we do not offer any credits or refunds. 

Adverse Weather 

In the event of adverse weather conditions preventing the class from being held, we will inform you as soon as possible. Where Little Nessies cancel a class we will look to credit the class as per the refunds and cancellations policy. 

If you are unable to attend due to adverse weather conditions, we are unable to offer any refunds.  

Medical conditions 

Please seek medical advice before booking into our lessons for the following reasons: 

  • If you are unsure if you or your child should take part in physical activity  

  • If you or your child become ill and are unsure if you are fit to return 

  • Following serious illness of you or your child  

Health Declaration 

When booking into our classes it will be taken that you have read and understood the following statements: 

  • I warrant that, to my knowledge, I am medically and physically fit and able to undertake and participate in swim school activities and will not be a danger to myself or to the health and safety of others.  

  • I accept responsibility to ensure if displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 at any time then I will not attend class.   

  • I also understand that myself or my child will not attend class if we are unwell and suffering from any contagious or transmissible illness, such as – Gastrointestinal illness, Chicken Pox/Shingles, Measles, Rubella, etc. 

  • I understand that while at the venue, participating in swim school activities (and before and after swimming), I must ensure I undertake and comply with social distancing and exemplary hygiene measures.  

  • I acknowledge that by attending class I undertake all activities at my own risk and the swim school have not and cannot make any representation or guarantee that attending the venue or participating in swimming is free from risk.    

Health and Safety 

An adult is responsible for your child and must be supervised at all times.  

Children must adhere to class rules i.e. no running on poolside, no eating or chewing gum.  

Remove outdoor footwear when entering the changing rooms and poolside areas. 

To help maintain water quality please ensure your child has been to the toilet and showered before entering the pool. 

If your child has a cold, please ensure they have blown their nose before entry.  

If they have a verruca, they must wear a verruca sock. 

Spectator Information

Adults should remain in or around the allocated waiting areas at the venue at all times. No spectators are permitted unless in exceptional circumstances and where previously agreed with Little Nessies.  


Changing at the venue must take place in the allocated changing rooms / areas. Parents must make effective use of the space and ensure that they are leaving enough space for others to change i.e. no reserving of changing stations or cubicles is permitted. No personal belonging should be left in the dry change area.  

Child only class additional information 

Children should arrive swim ready using the designated dry change area and head to the appropriate waiting area on poolside. An adult can accompany their child to the waiting area for drop off however must remove their shoes prior to entering poolside and exit the pool area once dropped off. Children must not enter the water unless instructed to do so by the instructor. Children can be collected at the appropriate collection area and exit through the changing. 

Parent and child class additional information 

Accompanying adult must remain with their child in the designated poolside waiting area prior to class. No children or adults should enter the water prior to class. This is essential for both you and your child’s safety until the instructor invites you and your child into the water for their class to begin. 

Additional class information: 

Buggies / Prams 

Space is limited in the changing areas and on poolside and as such all prams and buggies should be left in the hallway outside the changing areas and swimming pool hall. Any items are left entirely at the owner’s own risk.  

Neoprene Over Nappy 

It is essential your child wears a neoprene over nappy (Happy Nappy) together with a disposable swim nappy, as any passing of solids into the swimming pool could result in pool closure and cancellation of class. This applies to all our Little Nessie swimmers who are not yet toilet trained. 

Neoprene over nappies can be purchased by emailing or online from our website. Alternatively, you can purchase them online prior to the start of term from various online websites. 

Nappy Disposal Procedures 

All nappies MUST be disposed of safely and adhering to venue requirements. If there is NO nappy disposal bin available at the venue, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all nappies are disposed of at home – this applies to both wet and dry nappies. Where the venue DOES have a nappy disposal bin, please ensure you are following guidelines for placing nappies in nappy bags and placing them in the correctly labelled bins. 

Personal Belongings 

Little Nessies do not accept any liability for loss or damage to any personal belongings left in the changing areas, poolside or throughout the venue. All personal belongings are your own responsibility and left entirely at your own risk. If leaving any personal items poolside please ensure these are stored neatly and safely. Please take care to ensure there are no personal items blocking any fire escapes or posing a hazard on poolside. 

Video and Photography 

No use of video or photography is permitted. This is strictly prohibited at all venues. 

No underwater cameras are permitted for use. Little Nessies may take pictures and videos throughout lessons for use on our social media pages, website and for marketing purposes. Permission will be sought from the parent and/or guardian via our client portal. Your preferences can be changed at any time by logging into your client hub account.  

Terms and Conditions 

Little Nessies have the right to review our terms and conditions at any time. Should any changes apply, we will notify you by email and the most up to date version of our terms and conditions can be viewed within the client hub. 


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